Forklift scales allow integration of weighing and data collection into your operation without adding extra steps our route changes. Common uses include inventory control and trucking applications.

Warehousing and distribution centers rely on efficient and reliable data to ensure peak performance, without compromising on safety. Forklift scales and systems can help ensure billing is accurate by monitoring cargo weights, tracking data and ensuring vehicles are filled to the optimum safe capacity.

A forklift scale allows drivers to lift and weigh bundled materials on the truck. This expedites operations by enabling forklift drivers to take commodities directly to storage upon delivery, while tracking the weight, origin and storage location during transport. This process results in real-time data acquisition, which can be used for billing and inventory management. The ability to transport and weigh materials in one step results in tremendous time savings and a speedy return on investment.

Forklift scales are also a compact weighing solution, making them suitable for the busy warehousing environment. In-cab instruments such as bar code scanners allow forklift operators to instantly capture all necessary freight data available, and then transmit this information with weight data wirelessly via Bluetooth or radio to supervisory computer systems.

Forklift scales

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