We have the answer to all of your rental needs. Rental scales enable our customers to affordably and accurately meet inventory needs.

  • Small to large capacity
  • Battery operated
  • Dual counting capacity
  • Floor scales

With over 60 scales available for rental, Strack Scale Service can fill most rental requests within just a few days. Call us at 513-353-4785 for more information.


  • Life is unpredictable. Things happen that can be beyond your control. When repairs and maintenance are needed for your business, Strack Scale Services will be there for you.
  • Our scale calibration and repair team will work with you to ease your mind, provide reliable fixes, and get you back on track with Emergency 24 Hour Service.


For more than 40 years, Strack Scale Service in Cincinnati has been the leader in scale calibration and services in the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana area. Since 1971, we have had the finest weighing equipment at our disposal. Our scale calibration, repair, and service specialists have raised the bar for customer expectations. Our number one priority is your total satisfaction.

Strack Scale Services
107 May Drive, Harrison, OH 45030