A load cell is a transducer that is used to create an electrical signal, the magnitude is directly proportional to the force being measured. The most common type of load cell is referred to as strain gauge technology.

Our comprehensive range of load cells and load sensing devices includes analogue, digital and vibrating beam load cells and the innovative Weigh Bar transducer. They are suitable for many types of weighing equipment – from vessel weighers, to intrinsically safe systems, to weighbridges.

Each load cell is designed, developed and manufactured in-house; the entire process is regulated by stringent quality assurance procedures to ensure a lifetime of consistent performance.
The unique design of Weigh Bar technology provides inherent strength and overload protection, while also providing accuracy and high reliability.
Globally renowned, highly robust and accurate load sensing device
The Weigh Bar is one of the most robust weight transducers, with millions of installations worldwide in the past forty years.
It is ideal for:

  • Truck scales,
  • Floor scales and
  • Bin, hopper and tank weighing, particularly in the food, chemical and agriculture industries.

High capacity load sensing device, suitable for most industrial environments
The Weigh Bar is environmentally sealed and features worldwide approvals.
It is available in capacities from 45kg to 450,000kg or 100lb to 1,000,000lb

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